Louise is a Fellow of the ISTD and UKA and holds a BDC Adjudicator Licences for Competitions and Championships in three Genres.
She is the principal of her school, ‘Rhythm & Dance’ based in the South of England, trainer at the ‘Euro Dance Centre’ in Cologne, Germany and ‘You Can Dance Studios’ in Melbourne, Australia.

She specialises in Standard Ballroom, Latin American and Classical Sequence, offering both private and group tuition to a wide age range. She promotes a positive atmosphere and encourages pupils’ participation in medal examinations and competitions.

During her career, she has successfully trained new professionals in Ballroom and Classical Sequence. Her pupils enter both open and medallist competitions. Louise is proud to have trained ISTD Blackpool Finalists and Open Ranked Competitors across different age categories and genres.

In addition to teaching, Louise has successfully organised a variety of events at home and abroad including Dance Holidays, Seasonal Balls and Competitions.